More info! Another day’s holiday! But I do deserve it

Day 63 Tuesday 18th June

As Royston pointed out to me this morning I have earned this holiday as I didn’t take a rest day every 7th day as we originally planned!

Back to the subject of shoes and the like.

After much trial and error I managed to find a collection of shoes and boots that I could walk in! I needed some waterproof shoes/boots, some trail style running shoes and of course some sandals as I was likely to meet all sorts of weather conditions.

I took far too many shoes with me! The unused ones will get sold when I get home.

Two of the favourite pairs of shoes to walk in were Ecco and were waterproof, the other pairs were a pair of Karrimor trail shoes and a pair of Karrimor running shoes. In total these 4 pairs cost me £20.80 and I got an unworn pair of Karrimor sandals which I have worn on the walk for £2.20. So that is £23 for 4 pairs of shoes and a pair of sandals ……… all looking like new when I got them!

The profit I have already made from buying and selling the ones that didn’t suit was probably in excess of £100 and I can make at least another £100 profit from the ones I haven’t sold yet and the ones I took with me and never wore.

The knack was to look for virtually new shoes that were listed at a low start price on an auction but that had a high Buy it Now price! People looking for an auction bargain tended to ignore these and then I got them for a song. Eg the the most I paid was £8.60 but these shoes were listed with a start price of £8.00 and a Buy it Now of £35! These were shoes that would have cost over £80 new!

So enough on feet and shoes. I was prepared!

Am I fit? Well I can walk, I have coped with all the hills, I haven’t been in pain. I have been very lucky to have no illness or injury but ‘fit’ I don’t know!

(Refer to Day 17 of my blog for reference to arthritis and pain and how mine was cured! Today I had a message from someone who read it and started taking Rose Hip to say it is now starting to work! If you have pain do read it)

In October I walked the length of the Monmouth & Brecon Canal 55 miles in 3 days.

In November I walked from Tiverton to Camborne 112 miles in 5.5 days.

In January I walked from Bristol to Wellington 60 miles in 3 days

I was prepared!

My route was also prepared in great detail!

Now I am getting excited and impatient in equal measure to complete my challenge.


Another day …… more questions……

Day 62 Monday 17th June

So today I woke up in a comfy bed at the start of a lazy day!

I just have to try to think of it as a holiday I have earned by walking 870 miles! Laziness isn’t me!

I am really enjoying meeting up with old friends.

Another popular comment…….

You must be fit!

I don’t consider myself to be fit but I was prepared!

It was May 2018 when I decided that I would aim for my 65th birthday to complete my John O’Groats to Land’s End Walk.

As I explained yesterday my feet weren’t the most suitable for purpose!

My first task was to try to find shoes or boots that were comfortable enough for me to walk distances. I have had a distinct lack of comfort in the foot department since I developed a bunion.

I then had to find out if I could actually walk distances!

I started walking a lot and for 6 weeks I averaged 8.5 miles a day. I then did a couple of weeks of averaging 12.5 miles a day! At this point I decided that I could walk but that I needed to scale back the miles because I didn’t have time to do anything else!

As you will remember we had a dry summer in 2018 and it was good to be outside. During these first 2 months I lost some weight by walking so many miles and felt good ……. but what about the feet…… well there was a lot of experimenting with footwear. As I was struggling with comfort the majority of those miles were walked in Karrimor sandals. I wore out 2 pairs during the summer of 2018.

I have very little income and couldn’t afford to buy expensive walking shoes/boots only to find out after 5 miles that they weren’t comfortable.

However that is exactly what people with more disposable income do……… so I started to search EBay for those worn once shoes at bargain prices. Yes you can find them….. My first plan was to try different makes and styles till I found one that was right for me and then buy at least 2 pairs exactly the same from the shops.

I discovered very quickly that when I bought the size I always wore there was too much pressure on my poor misshapen foot. I lost several toe nails and I had blisters!

I bought many pairs of almost new shoes for very cheap prices, most I only had to try on indoors to know they wouldn’t work for me. I then listed them with better pictures and descriptions than they had when I bought them and sold them for a profit, which enabled me to buy more!

Once I realised that I needed to go up a size I was starting to make progress!

I am sure I am boring some, if not all of you…..

Go and make a cuppa or have a drink and a break from my waffle and I will see you soon!

Family day!

Day 61 Sunday 16th June

We stayed in Penzance overnight and then made our way back to Camborne.

There was a family gathering at Sam & Charlotte’s home and as Ben, Lucy, Harry & Oliver are now in Cornwall on holiday I got to spend some time with 2 sons and 4 grandsons!!

Only one more son and one more grandson to arrive!

Also great to see my very special nephew, Zak, who was visiting from Dorset.

As a treat Royston booked us into the Wetherspoons hotel in Camborne for the night.

As I have caught up with quite a few friends I am noticing a pattern in the questions asked and comments made and I guess many of you have the same questions?

1. How are your feet?

2. Did you have blisters?

3. How many pairs of shoes have you worn out!


1. My feet were pretty hideous to start with……. I have a horrible bunion on my left foot and the start of one on my right!

I am completely flat footed………… apparently that may have helped cause the bunion!

I have a genetic condition called HNPP which causes numbness and nerve pain! I can never wear a shoe with a heel as my feet go completely numb for weeks! I get random nerve pains and have had them a few times on the walk in my big toes! The condition can cause foot drop but I was lucky on this walk!

Unfortunately I have passed this condition on to 2 of my 3 sons and at least one grandchild.

However I only needed to take paracetamol a couple of times to break the nerve pain cycle.

So no major problems with feet!

2. Blisters….. In the words of Frank Sinatra “I’ve had a few But then again, too few to mention”

With the luxury of a support vehicle my strategy was to change my shoes and socks when my feet got hot! This meant they weren’t damp and pressure changed to different spots with different shoes. Some days I wore one pair of shoes but more usually two or even three! Sometimes sandals felt right!

3. As I have worn several pairs of shoes I have worn down the heels quite dramatically on about 4 pairs but they are all still wearable!

More Questions and Answers tomorrow!

Fraddam to Newlyn

Day 60 Saturday 15th June

As I walked through Redruth yesterday I noticed that it was Murdoch day today. We decided to pop over and have a look before I did my walk today.

Fortunately there was no rain to spoil the day.

After the procession and a look around we headed off to Fraddam for me to start the day’s walk.

There were lovely views right from the start!

The walk was pleasant and took me through quiet villages and evoked lots of memories of the past.

I walked through Relubbus and Goldsithney


After leaving Goldsithney and crossing the main Helston to Penzance road and walking down the road towards Marazion the views of the south coast became stunning!

Great views of St Michaels Mount and because of the strong breeze there were lots of kite surfers.

I walked through Penzance, the last town of the walk!

I decided to continue through Newlyn and at the end of the walk climbed the very steep hill out of the village.

Only about 10 miles left!

We spent a very pleasant evening in Penzance at the home of Kathy, a work colleague at the MMB from 1976 -1979.

Kathy made us a Cornish pasty and served a dessert of fresh fruit and Clotted Cream.

Lovely Cornish food and great company.

Thank you Kathy, we will stay in touch.

Redruth to Fraddam

Day 59 Friday 14th June

Back to the point between Scorrier and Redruth where I finished on Tuesday.

It was only minutes into the walk before I was able to catch glimpses of the sea on the north coast over the rooftops

That is the beauty of Cornwall, you are never far from the sea, but of course that does account for the extra wet days!

The walk was easy enough and as I spent so many years in this area I didn’t need a map! I walked through Redruth and on to Pool.

This is probably a good place to comment on something I have observed all the way through England and Wales the massive amount of development……. the huge housing estates being thrown up everywhere.

I moved to this area in 1975 and Camborne, Pool and Redruth have changed so, so much since then.

As I walked today I was trying to picture the streets as they were in the 1970’s.

My goodness that was a good memory test!

From Camborne I walked on past Penponds school and through Barripper where I was pleased to see The St Michaels Mount Inn still going strong.

So many of the pubs that were hugely popular in the 1970’s have long gone.

As I walked on through Carnhell Green, I passed one such casualty.

The rest of the day was an amble through country lanes on through Wall and Reawla and on to Fraddam where I crossed the Hayle to Helston road to finish at around the 10 mile point.

I was pleased to see Parbola campsite was still open as that was a family run campsite where I took my children in 1980’s. It was only 4 miles from home but once you were there you could have been anywhere!

So now I only have approx 20 miles left!

I was craving a pasty from Hampsons in Hayle so we went there hoping they wouldn’t

be closed! There were cleaning up but they had one very large steak pasty left and it had my name on it!

It was so massive we had half each….well I couldn’t deprive my support driver could I? We then went back to Camborne where the day was about to get even better!

After that pasty we needed a drink and Wetherspoons had my favourite beer, the first time I have tracked down The Beast on this walk!

Perfect West Country food and drink!

Day off

Day 58 Thursday 13th June

We said our goodbyes to Kate and Phil and headed to Mullion to visit Pat, who has been a friend for many years. Good to see you Pat and thank you for all your help and advice over the years. I hope everything goes well for you, will be thinking of you.

Next, it was a catch-up with a Trish, a friend and work colleague who when we first met used to compare notes on our children, now 28 years on we are comparing notes on grandchildren! Where have all the years gone? We both worked for Slimming World then started our own weight loss company Lifestyle.

I am aware you are probably getting bored now …… don’t worry tomorrow I am going to walk!

Spent a lovely evening in Camborne with Sam & Charlotte and my two youngest grandsons Joel & Evan.

Don’t worry there will be plenty of family pictures next Thursday!

Day off

Day 57 Wednesday 12th June

As we stayed in Camborne just around the corner from last nights eating place we treated ourselves to a breakfast there.

Then we had to do mundane things like banking.

As I am now in Cornwall and not going to be walking 15-20 miles a day and am likely to be sampling Cornish delights such as pasties, cream teas and ice creams I reckoned that if I have lost any weight over the last 8 weeks (Yes I started from John O’Groats 8 weeks ago today) that I was likely to put it back on before I get home!

I was curious, to see if my weight had changed (and people keep asking me) so I visited a surgery and asked to use their scales. It looks as if I have lost no more than 5lbs.

My goodness it won’t take many pasties to gain that!

Then off we went to Helston to visit a lovely couple who used to employ me some years back and whose company I really enjoy and, as usual when we meet, we spent several hours chatting. Lovely to see you Mel and Chris!

We then went on to Franchis Holiday Park, the campsite we worked and lived on for several years. Thanks for having us Kate and Phil, lovely to see you all again and I can’t believe how Sarah and Becky have grown. We are staying on the campsite tonight which has given me a chance to do the laundry and best of all bring you all up to date with the blog!

As I have been sitting here in the camper in the peace and quiet I have been listening to the owls hooting outside and remembering all the things we loved about being here.

Royston has just woken up and said he thought he could hear raindrops but actually it was me typing this so as you are now all up to date and it is 1.30 am I guess I had better say Goodnight!